4 Signs You Have a Junk Car on Your Hands

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People will hold onto junk cars for years, and for a variety of reasons. Some people may not even realize their junker is exactly that, a junk car. Here's how you can determine if that car you have sitting around is really a junk car in need of removal.

1. Your Junk Car Literally Has No Value

If you look your vehicle up in Kelley Blue Book, you'll find the values correspond to the condition of the car. A car in fair condition is the lowest tier the KBB lists. If your car falls below even that category, it's generally considered worthless. You can find this sentiment repeated in various ways on various car value websites.

If the car has repairable damage, then it's still viable. However, if the required repairs are so extensive that they would cost far more than the car is worth in a fair condition, then the car has no worth. You have a junk car on your hands.

2. Your Junk Car Isn't Drivable‚Ķ At All

Maybe your car won't start, or maybe it starts but won't move. It's even possible your car starts, moves, and technically drives, but is in such disrepair that having it on any road is a danger to everyone, and possibly illegal. If the car can't move from where you have it under its own power, let alone go out onto a public road, it's a junk car.

3. Your Junk Car Needs Extensive Cosmetic Work

Cosmetic damage to a car isn't always a terrible thing. If all the mechanical aspects of the car work fine or only need small repairs, then you may have a case for your car not being a junker.

However, if your car has a fully rusted undercarriage, missing doors, a missing hood, and no seats, then it's probably too far gone to fix. Even if you do decide to try cosmetic repairs, you're facing a very long and very expensive project that usually just isn't worth it.

4. Your Junk Car Costs You in One Way or Another

Your junk car may fall into the category of an eyesore or fall on the wrong side of a town ordinance against such things. If you have the car in storage, you must pay for that storage in perpetuity just to keep your junk car there. Even if hidden on private property, that junker takes up space you could use for anything else.

It's possible you want to remove the junk car but don't have a cost-effective way to do so. Your best bet is to contact a cash for junk cars service that will not only remove the vehicle for you but pay you for it as well. 

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29 September 2022

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