4 Signs You Have a Junk Car on Your Hands

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People will hold onto junk cars for years, and for a variety of reasons. Some people may not even realize their junker is exactly that, a junk car. Here's how you can determine if that car you have sitting around is really a junk car in need of removal. 1. Your Junk Car Literally Has No Value If you look your vehicle up in Kelley Blue Book, you'll find the values correspond to the condition of the car.

29 September 2022

Upgrading The Audio System In Your Car

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If your car only has a basic audio system, there can be benefits to upgrading this part of the vehicle. When you have decided to undertake a major upgrade for your car's audio system, there are numerous factors to consider as you are choosing a new audio system for your vehicle. Avoid Exceeding The Electrical Capacity Of The Car A powerful audio system will need large amounts of power to function.

17 January 2022