Two Commercial Plow Truck Accessories To Consider

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If you have recently started a snow plowing business and have been looking at purchasing a commercial truck to help with your venture, then you will need to make sure that you take care of your investment properly. There are a few accessories for your truck and your plow that you should consider, like the following suggestions.

Plow Hitch Lock

If you do your research, then you can likely locate a commercial truck that is already fitted with a plow hitch receiver or a hitch. Most truck mounted plow hitches are now made with either flat mounting plates or brackets that allow a plow to attach and detach quite easily. Usually, the top part of the plow snaps into place and the bottom of it secures with multiple pins. While the attachments make it easy for you to remove the plow for maintenance or for storage during the off season, it also means that the plow can be easily removed by an unauthorized individual. Unfortunately, most plows cost $3,000 or more. This may mean a substantial replacement cost if your plow is stolen.

To help prevent your plow from potentially being stolen, consider placing a plow hitch lock on your plow. This type of device is meant to secure through one of the pin holes that are located on your plow hitch. Most locks feature a long stainless steel pin that is two or three inches long. This pin slides through the hitch opening and a lock is secured on the end of the pin. A key is then placed in the lock to secure it in place. The locking device is likely to be about as secure as a traditional padlock. However, the lock cannot be cut since the vulnerable pin portion of the device will not be accessible in the same way that a padlock shackle is.

Flexible Cutting Edge

Most plows will place a great deal of pressure and stress on a truck. The shocks, braking system, and the suspension will all need to be in great condition to withstand the stress. This means that a thorough inspection and a test drive are necessary when you look into purchasing a commercial truck, especially if you purchase a more heavy-duty plow that weighs more than a few hundred pounds. You also need to make sure that your plow does not produce unnecessary resistance. This often happens when the bottom of the plow slams into the pavement and scrapes against it. Not only can you rip apart the asphalt across your customer's driveways, but your truck will need to exert extra horsepower to move your truck.

You can prevent this problem by purchasing a flexible cutting edge for the very bottom of your plow. These edges come in rubber and polyurethane varieties, and they are usually one or two inches tall. If you are concerned about debris sticking to your blade, then think about a polyurethane product. If you want a more rigid blade for the removal of ice, then rubber may be your best choice. Both types of edges can be placed on the bottom of the plow blade with the assistance of bolts. You may need to remove the existing steel edge to fit the new edge. Also, make sure to test the new edge against the pavement before you need to plow. The flexible nature of the edge may make it a bit more difficult for you to feel when the plow hits the ground.

A commercial truck used for plowing driveways during the winter may be a great investment for you. However, you should make sure to consider accessories like a plow hitch lock and a flexible cutting edge to keep your investment in working condition. Also, think about asking your commercial truck retailer for other add-on suggestions that will be beneficial to you. For more information, contact a company like


17 December 2015

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